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On 1 February 2014. 8 districts of the Capital City Warsaw, raga Południe, Praga Północ, Rembertów, Śródmieście, Ursynów, Wawer, Wesoła and Wilanów entered to a new system of municipal waste collection. Residents of these districts segregate waste at the three containers. In the remaining 10 districts of Białołęka, Bemowo, Bielany, Mokotów, Ochota, Targówek, Ursus, Włochy, Wola and Żoliborz shall continue staging system for municipal waste collection. On the page you will find: updated information on the implementation of the new municipal waste management system, legal documents defining the framework for the system, tools to facilitate the submission of the declaration, answers to frequently asked questions, useful advice – as well segregate how to set up a composter and much more. http: //czysta.um.warszawa.pl


Accordance with the Act on the ownership Board (manager) is obliged to convene annual Housing Community meetings at least once a year, not later than the first quarter of each year. If the Board or manager does not convene meetings of total owners within that period, meeting the annual may be convened by any of the owners.

Residential Community is a compound of all owners of premises that arises by virtue of law by isolating ownership of first premise in a building belonging originally eg. to developer, municipalities or the State Treasury. Each member has the right to cooperate in the management of common property and should annually take part in a meeting of owners. The subject of the meeting should be in particular the adoption of the annual economic plan common property board and fees to cover the costs of managing, assessing the performance management or managers, management report and a resolution to vote its approval. Extraordinary meeting of owners may also be convened if necessary by the board or manager or at the request of the owners of holding at least 1/10 of the shares in the common property.

The aim of the meeting is also to plan and discuss the activities in the coming months and years, both in terms of repairs or service that affect the comfort of property use but also investments that may affect the level of costs. By participating in the meeting we have a direct impact on all of these matters, because we can propose changes in content of the resolutions or propose to perform other actions than planned by the Board or manager. Meeting is also an opportunity to clarify doubts in direct contact with the Board, manager, accounting or administration. Please note that the Board or manager alone can not decide on many issues and the resolutions are an indication of operational activity for coming year. Through the presence at the meeting we have an impact on how these plans will look like.