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Residents from all properties we manage have the ability to check their balances and read the property documents. It can be accessed on computers and all mobile devices on any operating system. Individual login and password to e-file can be found on the first notice with advances amount and access to e-documents is granted on individual request. In addition to the standard documents inserted in e-documents, also we fulfill individual requests provided that infringe the law on the protection of personal data and technical capabilities. Go to the Resident Zone to access online.


There we have provided some basic information on Community Housing operational activity, the basic laws such as the Law on ownership of premises as well as practical advice related to property. Information will be gradually supplemented.


We launched a discount program dedicated to residents of properties managed by our company. Rebate Program gives you access to discounts on products and services offered by partner companies. Participation in the program will reduce the expenditure on the initial phase of settlement housing, while daily use or other everyday matters. The program is open to all members of the communities administered by Emco. To obtain the discount it is necessary to invoke the Emco Loyalty Program. Participating companies may in appropriate cases verify whether the customer is entitled to a discount. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us at: biuro@emco.net.pl.


Here you will find basic forms of the property operational activity. Among other, voting card, malfunctions card or meeting proxy. You do not need to log into e-documents to download basic forms.

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