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Emco company offers a comprehensive service for property management and administration, maintenance service, cleaning service and managing building investments process. Our service is dedicated to clients who expect commitment, professionalism, competence and experience at affordable price. Our team are experts with years of experience in the market with licenses and professional certificates.

In our work we use modern systems and reliable internal control procedures, supervision and decision-making. We provide 24-hour administrators and managers availability, online access to residential community accounting records and documents. We cooperate with law offices specializing in condominiums and housing issues, effectively executing rights under the guarantee and warranty and outstanding balance. We cooperate with experienced architects, inspectors and construction managers in defining malfunctions and plans of repairs and investments. We advise legal, technical, accounting and administrative optimal solutions. A wide range of suppliers, service providers and contractors tested through many years will optimize costs while maintaining the highest quality of service.

Thanks to modern management rules and individual approach to the customer our customer service constitutes sum of our employees competence and experience in every project we were carried out. The company consists both people who work on construction and residential market from decades and bring you their experience, and also those with few years of experience with a modern and unconventional way of thinking. We are open to new ideas and creative in solving unusual, complicates situations. We will help you in achieving goals and success. Our best recommendation are satisfied clients. With us you can feel safe and invest without risk.



We provide 24-hour administrators and managers availability (daytime office hours, around the clock in case of emergency) as well as online access to accounting records, community documents and possibility of online resolutions voting. On our website, ready-to-print forms are available, so residents can easily and quickly inform us of defects, changes in contact information, et cetera. We also collect this data during meetings, rounds or gathering resolutions voting in rotary mode or at the meeting. In addition to phone and e-mail contact with the administrator/manager, if necessary, property duties/rounds are fixed, when residents can personally discuss their individual problems. Any letters, certificates, etc. are thrown to the mailbox by administrator or delivered directly out of duty hours at the individual owners request. Current matters reported by owners which for various reasons can not be solved on the spot, are added on a regular basis to reports created with the Board participation. We suggest forming a group mailing list, forum or web community to be close to the residents and communicate with them up-to-date. Each owner can also check his account status online logging to e-file. We initiate residents meeting in the garage when to discuss key issues for the community is required, as well as informal integrating meetings (eg. common Christmas tree decorating or Child Day).


Efficient communication with the Board is in our opinion the key to good cooperation, which why we suggest the Boards cyclic (eg. monthly) working meetings that address the various issues concerning the community. To not omit none of it, special reports were created where matters realized in each month are written and which are regularly updated. In urgent cases which require urgent discussion, meetings can be held anywhere, any day at any time. We are in this regard to a permanent disposal of the Board. Decision of service provider choice or making the payment always remains on the Board. Our task is to provide the Board necessary data to make the best decision. Administration collects the offers, prepares statements and contracts and submit for Board approval. Independently of working meetings our company held internal coordination to discuss status of each ongoing matters. Any possible exemptions from the established road-map shall be agreed with the Board. In order not to engage Board members, administrator may also represent the Board by signing documents, making a declaration under granted to us the power of attorney. Accounting after the bank transfers shall inform members of the Board of their authorization necessity (by e-mail, telephone), attaching invoices scans.


Property technical maintenance is one of the most important tasks necessary to keep the property in full efficiency state. That is why we try to choose maintenance service team to maintain the highest standards and professionalism of technical staff at the lowest cost. Therefore, we recommend to the Board only companies checked by us and with the most attractive price offer. Contracts with service providers are constructed in order to ensure the shortest response time in case of failure. In order to exercise full control over the services provided by the company, any declaration of failure should be done in the following order:

“declarant → administrator / manager → service provider”

For malfunctions , which for various reasons can not be removed immediately, notices with approximate time of removal are posted. As part of our collaboration with external companies providing technical services, we determine responsibilities, repairs and related costs precisely to protect community from irrational money spending. In addition we set maximum time from application to action, which protect community from possible consequences of failure due to long waiting for repair. We offer the Board possibility to give a power of attorney to spend minimum amounts for emergency treatment failure (eg. for necessary materials purchase) to shorten the time needed for repairs as much as possible, if there is no contact with members of the Board.


Before service provider is selected (for permanent contracts and one-off orders), we conduct a tender competition which acquire minimum of 3 bids from reliable, competitive companies. Previously we encounter with the bidders on the property and discuss in detail the scope of work to perform. We make sure that the offerings will be comparable reviewing the proposed ranges and work technologies. We create comparative table with the recommendation (see attachment) so members of the Board are able to easily compare them and select the most advantageous. We organize meetings with the individual bidders at the request of the Board. Our company benefits from the experience of architects, inspectors and construction managers to define the malfunctions and create most accurate repair and investment plans. We use also periodic inspections protocols for which regular performing we are legally obliged (including general, ventilation, gas, fire review.). That is why we emphasize that the reviews were as accurate as possible which will undoubtedly help to determine renovation plans. Ongoing monitoring of subcontractors is made ​​on the basis of regular property rounds, when comments on individual subcontractors are written. Then they are transmitted to each subcontractor with term of removal (see Annex). Comments submitted to us by the residents are constantly forwarded to the appropriate departments.


Our company within the framework of signed contract for property management maintains accounting, costs of property management, advances paid to cover these costs and settlements other titles in favor of the common property records in SŁONIE program by the Mieszczanin company. We believe that keeping accounting records should be clear to all owners, so our chart of accounts, business plan and financial statements are consistent with each other and most readable for each owner. Cost management and community finance liquidity is one of the most important responsibilities of managers and the board of the community, including the key issue is the systematic control of maintenance costs, which in the long term should lead to optimization of costs. Our company does not support costs “revolution” involving a maximum spendings lowering cost of service quality, but we support cooperation with the responsible and reliable partners. We try to rationally manage costs and reasonable plan choosing all kinds of property services. We create business plans adhere to the principle of transparency, taking into account the requests and needs of residents. With a detailed costs record we are able to keep them under control in its individual groups, focusing on positions that generate the highest costs. All cost items are carefully examined for possible cost reductions not only in the choice of the service provider but in each successive period. Such action combined with surveys and rounds, let us to reduce property costs in the long term while maintaining the highest quality of service. Current costs analysis in relation to planned expenditure allows to precisely manage of finance liquidity. An important issue is the recovery of debts which we carry out every month. Our activities are not limited only to default notices but we try to get in touch with the debtor by telephone to agree a repayment schedule before we take the more radical step including to issue proceeding.

We invite to cooperation,
Team Emco